The Washington Times: Ted Cruz: No money for amnesty

Sen. Ted Cruz said Wednesday that Congress should insist on a spending bill that cancels President Obama’s new illegal immigrant amnesty and should pass only a short-term funding bill to carry the government over into the new year.

The Texas Republican joins a number of other conservatives who have balked at passing any legislation that would fund Homeland Security, even for a short period of time, without canceling money for Mr. Obama’s immigration plans.

Mr. Cruz said there are nearly a dozen Senate Democrats who have said they oppose Mr. Obama’s policies, and he said it’s critical to force them to have to vote one way or the other.

“Both houses should use the power of the purse, which the framers understood to be the most potent tool Congress has to rein in an out-of-control executive,” he said in a statement.

House Republican leaders are still grappling with how to handle the situation. They say they’re committed to fighting Mr. Obama, but want to push the fight off until next year, when the GOP will control both the House and Senate.

But Mr. Cruz said he wants to force Democrats to take a stand on their party leader’s actions now.

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