The Washington Post: Cruz: ‘Stand up and use the power of the purse’ against Obama immigration action

Speaking to a group of conservative activists gathered in front of the Capitol Building on Wednesday, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) challenged his colleagues in Congress to “use the power of the purse” to respond to President Obama’s executive action on immigration.

“Congress should stand up and use the power of the purse to say, ‘We will fund the operation of the federal government but we will not allocate taxpayer dollars to lawless and illegal amnesty,'” he told the group of about 100 people. “Not one dime can be spent by the federal government without authorization from the Congress of the United States.”

Cruz stood alongside outspoken Republican Reps. Steve King (Iowa) and Michele Bachmann (Minn.), who took turns hammering the president for granting what they called “illegal amnesty” to nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants. Some of those attendees said they drove from as far as North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Several said they were happy the event was held but mentioned they were expecting a larger rally.

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