The Hill: Cruz decries ‘extreme land grab’ in defense bill

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Wednesday called for his colleagues to reject an annual defense bill because of the “extreme land grab” tacked onto the measure.

The bipartisan proposed bill, released late Tuesday, includes a variety of public land and energy provisions, including designating new national parks and wilderness areas, and speeding the permitting process for oil and gas drilling, and energy and mineral measures.

Cruz called the provisions and the decision to attach them to the National Defense Authorization Act “an extreme land grab to the NDAA [that] is a disservice to members of the Armed Forces.”
“With the military’s shrinking budget, it is offensive that this bill would be used to fund congressional pork,” Cruz, a top subject of speculation for the 2016 presidential election, said in a statement Wednesday.

“And, at a time where jobs are scarce, and the federal government has removed billions of acres of land from productive use, Congress should not be restricting more than a half-million new acres,” he said.

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